What We Do

We identify valuable opportunities, anticipate the challenges that may arise, and navigate to the solutions that best protect your financial interests.

Whether you are a business owner, retired executive, or a young entrepreneur on the rise, A.V. Arias & Co. can assist you with achieving your personal and business objectives by advising you on everything from simple business decisions like selecting a fiscal year or researching accounting software, to more complex engagements such as developing a comprehensive, integrated personal or corporate tax plan, creating the ideal merger, acquisition or exit strategy, or executing an integrated retirement or estate plan… all of which allows you to focus on your future growth and other key financial objectives.

A.V. Arias and Co. provides innovative, informed and effective accounting, financial and tax guidance for individuals and the small to middle market business, both locally and nationally.  We partner with you and your advisers to develop strategies and implement methodologies that add true value and provide tangible benefits through:

AV Arias & Co. - What We Do
Strategic Tax Planning & Preparation
Audit & Attestation Services
Navigating Tax Challenges & Examinations
Corporate Transaction Conception & Design
Mergers & Acquisitions
Estate & Retirement Planning
Bookkeeping & Related Support Services


Contact A.V. Arias & Co. today to learn how we can help optimize your financial position and provide substantial benefits to your future growth.