Tax Challenges

Where you may see a challenge, we see an opportunity.  This is where A.V. Arias & Co. can be your strongest asset.

As we are aware, tax law is constantly changing.  Congress continually influences changes within the Internal Revenue Code.  The IRS adopts its position on various tax matters and issues based upon its own interpretation of the law.  The Courts are constantly working to determine what the law means and how it should be applied, and Court rulings in different districts are frequently in conflict.  How can one properly identify planning opportunities and navigate the rules, let alone the tax challenges?


Our knowledge and experience in tax matters and staying abreast of new developments and emerging issues can help you make sense of something that is constantly in motion.  During the process, we work tirelessly to identify and ensure you are afforded the advantage of every tax-saving opportunity available.

Our firm is involved in all areas of Federal and state tax return preparation for individuals, sole proprietorships, C-corporations, S-corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, trusts and estates.  We have successfully handled the challenges described through the appeals process of the Internal Revenue Service and many state regulators.  Our goal is to be sure that your tax returns are prepared accurately, timely and are a by-product of the tax planning process which should occur throughout the year.

The A.V. Arias team of tax experts include CPA’s and other tax professionals, as well as access to other service providers such as attorneys with the knowledge to assist with solving virtually any tax issue, and over 100 years of collective experience negotiating the best resolutions allowed by law on behalf of our clients.  Our tax experts use the rules that govern the IRS to preserve your rights, reduce or eliminate tax penalties, and solve your tax challenges.  We handle cases before the Tax Court where the taxpayer represents him/herself with assistance from us; we engage tax attorneys in instances where we cannot negotiate settlement outside of Tax Court; and we have never represented a case where we could not achieve settlement.

At A.V. Arias & Co., we are keenly aware that business and investment decisions are driven by the tax ramifications they bear.  We encourage our clients to confer with us throughout the year so they can keep us apprised of events before they unfold and we can offer solutions before they are needed.  This fosters our ability to proactively represent your best interests and adjust your tax-planning strategies for changing events.

Examples of Tax Challenges we have successfully navigated on behalf of our clients are:

  • Receipt of a 90 day letter from the IRS
  • Receipt of a 30 day letter from the IRS
  • Receipt of large capital gains, stock bonuses, or other income causing a bunching of income in a taxable year
  • Suffering significant operating losses
  • Apparent forfeiture of suspended losses in corporate reorganizations
  • Receipt of payments in advance accelerating recognition of taxable income
  • Transactions intended to be non-taxable reorganizations that fail and become taxable

Contact A.V. Arias & Co. to find out more about how our tax and accounting services and strategies can provide the most ideal solutions to your tax challenges.