Tax Planning

A.V. Arias & Co. Tax Planning ServicesA.V. Arias & Co. provides a full range of integrated tax planning services designed to optimize your future income, maximize your savings and minimize tax exposure.  We help individuals and owner-managed businesses optimize their tax savings opportunities by developing innovative, personalized tax strategies that positively impact your bottom line and meet your key financial objectives.

Tax regulations change and your existing corporate structure may not be the most tax efficient in today’s business or regulatory climate.  In order to achieve specific financial goals, corporate and tax structures must often be in place years in advance of a planned exit or event.  This requires careful planning and a clear understanding of your needs.

For larger corporate clients, our strategically integrated tax planning process adds further value to the standard compliance requirements by examining restructuring opportunities such as asset transfers, reorganizations, amalgamations and buy-outs, use of trusts, restructuring capital and other tax minimization strategies.

We have also helped business owners achieve significant tax savings through effective reorganizations.  We can advise you on how reorganization may be beneficial to meeting your goals, as well as develop a comprehensive plan and provide detailed instructions to your attorneys to execute it.

At A.V. Arias & Co., we take the time to review your circumstances and partner closely with you and your advisers to identify opportunities for reducing your tax liabilities.  We help ensure that you are claiming all available tax credits, along with employment or business expenses, where they apply.  We proactively weigh the tax implications on all available options, and advise on the most ideal income strategies, loss utilization or other tax deferral strategies to meet your particular financial objectives.

A.V. Arias & Co. Integrated Tax Planning Matrix

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