Who We Are

A.V. Arias & Co. is your COMPLETE integrated accounting, financial and tax planning solution.

We provide best-in-class, fully-integrated, strategic accounting and tax planning solutions for today’s global marketplace.  We are dedicated to providing unparalleled client satisfaction through continually improving our customer service, fostering open communication and building rapport by utilizing our expertise, technology and insights to understand and respond to your needs.  Our culture of thought and client focus is built upon authoritative knowledge, integrity and service, passion and initiative.  Our proactive team approach allows us to be a true adviser to you and your business.

We listen and respond.

We invest the time to understand your personal and professional objectives, your industry, your interests and your needs.  We are proactive and responsive, as well as efficient, creative and insightful.

We innovate and integrate.

We take into consideration your complete financial landscape and develop highly personalized plans designed to optimize your interests, leveraging our broad-based experience, authoritative knowledge base and highly specialized expertise to best serve your needs.

We deliver with integrity.

Our solutions are results-oriented, transparent, cost-effective and exceed the highest professional standards at every level.

We stay strategically, proactively focused.

Our recommendations and guidance anticipate the impact on all of your financial interests — be it your self, your family or your business, now and in the future.

We build long term, successful relationships.

We place your needs first.  We believe in developing a proactive, responsive, service-driven partnership that provides you with the confidence you need and the value your investments deserve.

Our unwavering commitment to consistently deliver the highest level of service and most cost-effective results while maintaining both objectivity and integrity ensures not only your financial stability, but peace of mind.

Alfonso V. Arias, Managing PartnerWe offer the same high quality service for a better value relative to any-sized firm, and our entrepreneurial spirit and personalized approach make us a true partner to our clients.   Smaller service providers do not have the knowledge, expertise and network at the national level, and the larger firms do not have the highly personalized approach and rates suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.  This is why A.V. Arias & Co. is such a valuable market resource. ”

–Alfonso V. Arias, Managing Partner